Tuesday, March 12, 2019

This is My Little Life

Let me scream in complete isolation,
give me an ocean and let me run the waves,
like, just for a day, you don’t have to tell anyone.

Tell me I should be afraid,
but I’ll tell you the chance of growth was worth the risk,
I’ll tell you the pain of these possessions were worth it,
my life,
my cherished scars,
my intentions
are worth the effort,
my impact
will be positive,
because I prioritize joy over pleasure.

Tell me I'm a robot,
just another slave program running in the matrix,
well, with respect, fuck that,
but I still love you,
and everyone who contains slivers of understanding,
we are always equal in the endless errors we house unknowingly,
our capacity and potential is endless,
we are all vessels for value creation,
so I’ll be there for you – if you want to learn,
I’ll take up the slack in the rope,
in my simple states,

to keep you safe for the path you choose.

I turned 30 today,
my birthday present to myself is that I want to be alone,
I want to wash away the decades in desolation,

to be
to exist in my hovel on four wheels,
in my world,
with my perfect dog Cash,

with my neglected books,
on my computer,
reading how infinite the world is,
that ol’ multiverse,
which I write my verses in
is my life.

Free to do as I wish,
Bathing in all the choices
Seeking understanding,
because asking why never became unsatisfying.

but accepting of reality's constraints
as glowing truths to play between.