Saturday, August 30, 2008

batman 3 and why it shoulden't be, slash movie apresh slash rambles

Its not all about money and Chris Nolan should know this. Even though this movie(im so tired and i just wrote "movie" as "movey", funny thing is that it works i love firefox's auto spell check with those red doted lines :)...i digress) is about 80% going to happen. Its sad because you just can not top this movie and if he can it will be one of the greatest movies ever and be up there with the godfather trilogy which the dark knight already is. Which is what they probably said about godfather II and than again on 3. However.

Lets look at movies that where successful that only had one sequel
Ghostbusters I & II

Wayne's World I & II
(love and recently sang Bohemian rhapsody with my friends in the car and rocked so hard this lady driving next to us applauded at out performance driving aside us the hole time)i just spelled "hole", "hool" and said spelt spelt instead of, and i have to get up at 10, 11ish for my older sisters wedding.
Kill Bill I & II

Bad Boys I & II

Toy Story I & II
howdy, howdy, howdy.
(the third one is being made, its going to make alot of money and only be good because its pixar)
batman begins and the dark knight hopefully will remain on the list. but still if ridler

Movies that 3rd movie sucked:
original batman series
Batman Returns, Batman Forever & Batman & Robin.

o wait they all sucked...(
except Batman.)
Spider Man 3;

X-man: the last stand. more like the lamest stand... (i just wrote that and almost deleted it due to fucking lameness, don't worry ill be here all week.)
hey look a winkie face on accident (question: due i stop writing whatevers on my mind?...haha) anyway on with the picture
hes the juggernaut.... bitch.

better than X3
Mighty ducks 3 haha.. and rush hour almost made it on here.

Future movie sequel to actually look forward to;
fucking TR2N!@$!(tron 2) bootleg trailer here

ALSO;WATCHMEN should not be a 3 hour movie even though its still going to be great it would be so much greater if it were a 12 part mini series. Think band of brothers but fucking greater than great it would be EPIC. Its to bad though because I know crucial things are going to be cut from the film.

I JUST DELETED A BUNCH I WROTE! and its most likely better off...fuck. If i remember id rewrite it but my mind it fucking DEAD. Goooodnight.

just listed to the whole alchemy index. its soo fucking epic. love love love love.
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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


give me love
give me truth
give me positivity
let it be real
and least by not least
let it be shared

Saturday, August 16, 2008

My top 5 talks

These are five talks, speeches or whatever you want to call them the I listed in order not of how popular they are but on how they impacted me.

5.Richard Dawkins TED talk on the queerness of the universe.

Senetor Barack Obama at the church of Dr. Kings a day before Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday

3.Tony Robbins TED talk.

ps: banana hands

2.Jill Bolte Taylor: My stroke of insight

1.Randy Pausch gives his last lesson on life

Friday, August 8, 2008

Stolen stars

I'm trapped behind bars, I look to sky and someone stole the stars. I can't feel a thing but the ground beneath. Arising in a castle built by bricks of failures, these crocodiles stealing my time surrounding my minds moat. All I see is the darkness strangling me by my throat. I have no choice but escaping to a peaceful place of hope. I see the dawn coming and now I'm free and running towards the suns growing light.