Saturday, October 25, 2008

today should go like thiss

OOOOOkk... so I'm plotting for the sleepless day ahead. Today should be fun if all goes as planed. All right the plans.
Epic. Krispy Kreme's stock is'nt doing that great so I might just buy a dozen then give them to my friends. These look soo good.
2. I'm gonna go get them after some surfy surf with mike if he wakes up. I need waves with my wang out?
4. Do nothing.
5. Repeat step 4
6. See Synecdoche new york Enter if you dare to think, I really want to see this with my Pops.
7. Have tea with friends

I'll do a recap of what happened and what didn't tomorrow

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tonight went a little somthing like this

Started off pluging myself in to the tubes like the matrix. Leading me to watch the new Zeitgeist: Addendum video which is really interesting.
Then I made pizza.

Which led to Rashida Jones daugther of the Conductor Quincy Jones wiki reading which somehow lead to Tupac...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

So clean.

I test drove the jetta tdi sedan today. It was amazing, so nice and eco friendly at 45 average mpg. I am considering selling my car when I get a steady job then putting all that money on a down payment for a 09 jetta sportwagen like this one but black.

I would do everything this person did with their sportwagen but different wheels and no sun roof.
And put this front kit on it.

But first thing first I need my new MBP even though they have super glare screens.

More at.... gizzzzmodo!