Monday, April 8, 2019

Hum of Humanity

A simple beat,
each member playing their part,
and when the beat and banter becomes obnoxious,
when the psilocybin peaks,
we can sink into this soaking tub,
drowning out the noise into a hum,
of woe and excessive wonder,

a human humming,
the hum of humanity.
now distant discussions
diffusing our divergences.

In hegemonic pools,
lording over my eardrums,
regulating the earth’s hot water,
this chain of the collectives choices,
some people voted someone to make this mountain spring
They set it in o-so-smashable concrete,
yet we align betwixt cloudly blue tile

Patterns and background ergonomics,
state-funded play places plant people
to grow into themselves,
layer by layer, drip by drip
becoming raisins or contemplatives,

until we engage with the drain,
sucked down until we’re left with better problems to ponder.