Thursday, February 21, 2019

Newt Life


copy copy copy copy

a selection,
a test,
the most gentle force
moving in microns, making the most monumental alterations
in these pre human beings.
This granular velocity of knowledge without a knower.

A new being brought against the force of falsification,
in conditions that wash away all bias,
focusing in on errors in eternities.

living each second as an expression of organic codes,
before organic thought,
abstract patterns adapting to no end,
weighted wandering into different forms,
endless diversity, complete universality
of shape, of environment and niche.

Nature’s cutting force
that brings beings into benevolence or breakdown:
a population sentenced without a sentencer–
to be painted into a existential corner.

Organizing at the level of a life,
structured in a chain of knowledge accumulation,
insightful code created creatures to no end,
no end goal.
Awesome mindlessness,
peaking at people,
atop mount improbable.

That is power,
of nature
and us as it’s extension:
purporting conjectures
in memetic explanations
detached from genetic language

staring back at the tangled chains of genealogy,
stopping at the crest of mystery
of what created this universality,
knowing that somewhere beyond the clouds lay simplicity.