Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Huntress of the Ephemeral

For Amy D.

Catcher of infinitesimal interactions,

gatherer of aesthetic,

stab my heart,

fly away to islands as irresistible as sugar,

search for the solution,

delete my mental pollution,

clean the air, scrub the molecules,

rearrange the contents of my lungs,

displace the longing in my heart,

find a place to put this passion,

make it gravitate like that interstellar asteroid.

If only we could capture it and

see its story,

see the possibility of our reunion,

these strange lost rocks I stumble over are starting to slip from my hands,

this granite dome descends into rock slides,

It carries me down into the Merced,

out into the Pacific,

to set sail into the ocean and into your bed,

risking the sharks and swift currents, 

ripe with enumerable emotions I can’t manage,

I distract myself with infinities,

you make life.

I cherish the thoughts of you in my head.