Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Red, blue, green

Jonny from radiohead posted a new list of, surprise! not music, but video games on his band's site.

     For all the nerds who are marveling, like me, at Red Dead Redemption: here's a different kind of office chart.....

     Braid (various)
     Marathon (Mac)
     Goldeneye (N64)
     Elite (BBC Micro)
     Cave Story (various)
     Ico (PS2)
     Red Dead Redemption (PS3)
     Zelda Ocarina of Time (N64)
     Zelda Twighlight Princess (Wii)
     Half Life 1 and 2 (Mac, PS3)

I am pretty thrilled to see that Jonny is a gamer and nerd, like myself, and has posted a really great list of games. I want to post what I think about his list and reflect on the games that me and him have played. I haven't placed Braid all the way through but it is a great homage and update to classic mario-like 2D platformers. Haven't played marathon, goldeneye is one of my favorite games ever next to Starfox (N64). I haven't played Elite, Cave Story, but Ico is one of the most incredible games here, a game that was way ahead of its time and still holds up today along with one of my favorites Shadow of the Colossus. I need to get Red Dead Redemption. I have no idea how this one got through without me hearing about till my friend brought it up once it had already came out. I must really be slipping on keeping up on the gaming front. It looks as though the team at Rockstar has produced yet another hit, and that they can do more than their GTA series. Next on the list are the Zelda games which I never had much interest in. Half Life 1 and 2 are two of my favorites games ever and have been replayed many-a-times over. I am surprised that Portal is not on his list since he likes Half Life, but maybe he hasen't played it yet.