Thursday, September 18, 2008

Rest or Rise

How can I rest my eyes? all I see are thoughts; I'm going to rise.
How can I rise? my eyes, all I see are thoughts. I'm going to rest.
Why must this world despise? Everywhere I look, all I see are lies.
Can I rise above their try's? When they have whole nations hypnotized.
The art is to not get taken, to not let all the ugly big take over fake in.
Test this will of mine. Tidal waves cannot crash through me. I'll be fine.
So I'm going to break these castle walls down from around my mind.
To see if I can build them back up, to see if I have enough. Will i rest or rise?
To take the latter or fall down the latter breaking myself  back to the ground.
And now I see myself falling down into a well into a bat filled hell.
I'm broken and scared. Now I see a god like being I do not know.
He's repelling from the heavens, a true angel but holds himself as a rebel.
He asks "Why do we fall?" I don't speak. "So we can learn to pick our selves up."
Says my father and my savior. And he, not the hero but the legend that will never die.
How can I rise? My eyes, all I see is lies; I'm going to rest and die.
How can I rest My eyes, all I see is truth. I'm going to rise and fly.
So will I rest and die or will I rise and fly. I think I'll grow some wings.