Thursday, November 19, 2020

Spin Atomic Goddess, Spin!

For Zoe Ciupitu

A veil breaks away,
revealing sky and space,
supported by this lovely being,
atoms balanced like spinning plates in air,
twirling effortlessly in amused artistry.

I see you walk below that heaven you support,
this mortal world we scramble within,
as lovers, heartful creators,
these depictions of paths universal,
our paths,
our tracks
adapting to unknown topography.

I see you fly towards earth,
     catching yourself with an immense ethic,
        that we shall not be without mistakes—
             that we can grow again:
                  to once again scratch at perfection.

Years will go by and we'll grip onto each other.
A fall.
Years will go by and we'll build each other up.

Supported interests, sewing intersections,
wanting another, 
weaving love eternal,
my strawberry girl.

Hurling the slightest glances at the sky,
knowing that she will always be there,